Bratislava for coffee lovers

When visiting Bratislava between April to June 2009 you can have a word in deciding which is the best city café in Bratislava. Nominations were open to March 20, but now you can vote for one of the best 20! Complete the voting card and win a prize now. During the coffee week you can also enjoy a good cup of coffee and taste some heavenly chocolate or ice cream. Visit one of our events in the week 22 and be our guest. More information can be found on

Celebrating the 90th anniversary

Make sure you know where you are. Bratislava is currently celebrating its 90th anniversary. Not that the city would be that young... It is just the part of its latest history related to the name Bratislava. Before 1919 the path would lead to Pressburg and Pozsonyi, which are the German and Hungarian names of the city. One of the most amazing facts is that the populatin of the city in 1910 was less than 80 thousand, compared to up to half a million, which is the population today, of which only about 14% were Slovaks. The majority of the population was Hungarian, Jewish and German then. After the end of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy Bratislava not only received a new name. It also played an important role in becoming a capital of the new country. However, the road was not as smooth as it seems today. The history is present everywhere. Do not miss the opportunity to behold the liasons with the past. For example the architecture of its center.

Good to know

Would you believe?

Bratislava has some very ardent fans, in fact two of them, fascinated by its corners, mystery and flair created this website. Did you know you were looking at Bratislava each time you saw Nicol Kidman and George Clooney in the Hollywood movie Peacemaker? It “played” Vienna and Sarajevo. More...

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